CREDO is a bi-monthly Magazine available from St. Luke's Priory Press located in Spokane, Washington. Credo was revived in November of 2005 after almost a twenty year dormancy beginning in the late eighties or early nineties of the last century. Since its revival it has peen published regularly and we have back issues available for those that might be interested from:

St. Luke's Priory Press
1325 E Queen Avenue
Spokane, WA 99207-3371

Yearly Subscription Rates:

Single Copy (6 issues) which includes postage $20.00/year

Bulk Mailing (for parishes) Annual Rates

10-15 issues: $120.00
16-25 issues: 160.00
26-50 issues: 200.00
51-100 issues: 250.00

For more information pleasae contact Fr. Bernard Kinnick at (509) 484-1604 or